The Ultimate Guide to Cosmo Slots Buffalo Legion Games Online

The Ultimate Guide to Cosmo Slots Buffalo Legion Games Online

29th, Sep 2022 | SEOTeam

Welcome to the Buffalo Legion Online Social Casino Games at CosmoSlots. For players who enjoy winning, now is the moment to go all in and win the fight only at CosmoSlots. The most played video game at online casinos is Buffalo Legion. This is a standard 5-reel online casino with 4 symbols on each reel. It uses a wide range of features like scatter symbols with wild symbols and free spins. A player can win the huge in-game jackpot with respectable virtual rewards by collecting cool wild animal-themed symbols like the buffalo, Chita, eagle, reindeer, and wolf that are outlined in the rules for how to play.  

Additionally, to be exciting, the game also has attractive colors, designs, sound effects, and animation. Get yourselves to experience one of the best jungle-themed gaming worlds. 

How and Where to Play online 

Play the Buffalo Legion casino game with free download. Players can download the Buffalo Legion game from on iPhone and Android phones. Also, The game offers 1024 ways to win a huge jackpot. Despite having a bunch of bonus features, the wild Buffalo social casino slot game is still surprisingly straightforward to use. The initial step for players is choosing their bet per reel and reel cost. The bet value per reel that a player can choose varies dependent on the online casino that hosted the game. Also, Players of the Buffalo Legion can set ranges between 0.4 and 40 sweep tokens and 400 to 40,000 gold tokens.  

Buffalo Legion by CosmoSlot really does have the best interactive features, as seen below. 

  • play button 
  • Auto spin  
  • Bet size for every reel 
  • 1024 possible ways to win big 

Players can decide which spin numbers to complete and use the autopay feature. Players can choose the spin tokens of their choice and then click "auto play" The reel cost you choose for the first spin is applied to all autopay spins. In-depth instructions, game features, pay tables, game rules, and betting options are all included in the information section. Also, Use this assistance area to clear up any misunderstandings if you run into any difficulties or are confused. 

5 Reel Slot with 4 Symbols and 1024 Ways to Win 

The Buffalo Legion online casino game's common elements have included a jackpot, a wild symbol, and 1024 ways to win big bonuses. The fascinating bonus spin feature inside the free Buffalo Legion slot machine allows the players the possibility to gain additional spins and maybe enhance their winnings. Now, This concept is based on scatter symbols, and the ideal technique to use scatters to win a significant jackpot. Pay line winnings are reward in addition to scatter and bonus wins.  

Scatter icons on all reels pay irrespective of pay lines as below  

  • 5 Scatter symbols = 400 Gold tokens  
  • 4 Shatter symbols = 200 Gold tokens  
  • 3 Shower symbols = 100 Gold tokens  

Scatter icons anywhere on the reel will activate free spins in normal spins as below  

  • 5 Shatter symbols = 20 Free spins  
  • 4 Shatter symbols = 15 Free spins  
  • 3 Shatter symbols = 80 Free spins  

Scatter icons appearing on the reels during free spin will trigger the following number of free spins  

  • 5 Shower symbols = 15 Free spins  
  • 4 Shower symbols = 10 Free spins  
  • 3 Shower symbols – 5 Free spins  

Players can win incredible bonuses because of the scatter and free spins features, giving them the opportunity to continue winning and continue their winning streak. 

Win by using Wild 

Buffalo Legion is a play online casino casino game where players can win largely by using the wild icon. Apart from scatter symbols, wild icons can be use in place of any symbol. The highest win is reward when winning is produced by substituting one additional wild. Wild only turns up on reels 2, 3, and 4. Any wild symbol that shows up on the reels when the player is in a free spin will reveal a 1x, 2x, or 3x multiplier. During a free, numerous wilds will disclose multipliers, which will add up. The sum of the extra multipliers is applied to all wins earned during the free spins. 

On active pay lines, all symbols—aside from the scatter and bonus symbols—pay left to right. On each pay line, only the greatest wins are rewarded. Pay line wins are paid in addition to scatter and bonus wins. 

Take Your Gaming to a Whole New Level with Buffalo Legion  

Are you sick of playing that very same old casino game and want to try something exciting and thrilling? Why not try CosmoSlots Buffalo Legion? This slot gameplay is straightforward but entertaining for players. Experience CosmoSlots incredible game with real-time staking, numerous pay lines, and unexpected surprises. 

The Buffalo Legion casino game is simple, engaging, and filled with levels. Players can experience that they are great players in this game by acting like the real players in their playing kingdom. It is among the top buffalo-free slot games freely available for winning significant bonuses, rewards, and features.